Import a SketchUp drawing with EASE materials.

The SketchUp import uses two possible sources for the EASE material of an EASE face.

  • 1.      If the SketchUp face has a SketchUp material attached, then this is the preferred proposal for the EASE material.
  • 2.      If the Sketchup face has the Default material attached, then the layer name is used as proposal for the EASE material.


  • 1.      This picture shows a face which has an internal (EASE front) material “Material06”.

    The import shows all attached SketchUp materials for assigning with EASE materials.
    The use the EASE materials in SketchUp will do the assignment in this table automatically.
  • 2.      Here this face has the Default SketchUp materials. It is on the layer “CONCRETE R”.Now, the import window shows the EASE material according to the SketchUp layer name.