Remove Temporary Files and Folders 4.4.18+

If you do not have write permissions for the EASE Temporary Files and Folders you may need to use the  EASE Cleaning Wizard to delete them. If you are using the latest version of EASE, press the Win key and type EASE Cleaning in the search box, then click on the EASE Cleaning Wizard application.

If you do not have the latest version of EASE, then download the  EASE Cleaning Wizard from our website at

to your Windows Desktop. Extract the EASE Cleaning Wizard and run the application.

Select the 3rd and 4th items only as shown in the following image:
Cleaning-Wizard---Delete-Temporary-Files-and-Folders.pngThen press the  Go! button. EASE should now start normally.

If the error message is still displayed, restart the EASE Cleaning Wizard as an Administrator by R-Clicking on the icon and following the instructions above.