I can’t seem to run SysTune from within the Lake Controller software. What is wrong?

First please install the latest version of the Lake Controller (>= v6.4.5). After installation of the Lake Controller reinstall SysTune (again).

This will then enable the SysTune plugin for the Lake Controller. (see section 5.11 (pp. 170) in the SysTune Manual). 

If you cannot see the SysTune window in the Lake software as described there, then do the following to manually enable SysTune:

Check to see that the SysTunePlugin.dll file has been installed in the Lake Controller plugins folder. If there is no SysTunePlugin.dll in the Lake plugins folder, please copy the file manually. You can find find SysTunePlugin.dll in the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\AFMG\EASERA SysTune\Plugins\.folder. Also , please check the plugin.conf file in the Lake Controller plugins folder. It must have the line: 


If it does not, then edit the file.