Transferring an EASE User Key from one PC to another

  1. Run EASE on the PC that currently has the User Key on it.
  2. Select "Register" from the EASE Main window's Help menu.
  3. You will be told "EASE must close before registering a license" and asked "do you want to proceed?" Click the Yes button. The EASE Guard License Manager will then start automatically.
  4. Click the UPLOAD LICENSE button.
    (This will deactivate the software and send the User Key installed on this PC back to the AFMG licensing server on the internet.)
  5. Run EASE on the PC that has no User Key.
  6. When EASE starts you should see an additional dialog box that asks, "EASE is not licensed. Would you like to register now?". Click the Yes button.
  7. EASE will close and the EASE Guard License manager box will be shown.
  8. Click the DOWNLOAD LICENSE button.
    (This will fetch a User Key for your license ID from the AFMG licensing server on the internet and activate your software on this PC)