Connected rooms in SketchUp.

FAQ: I have two connected rooms in SketchUp. When I import the SKP file into EASE the rooms are separated from each other. There is no open connection between the two rooms in the imported EASE model.

Answer: If your rooms are connected like this example:

The face between the two rooms has a hole in it that connects the room. A faces with a hole in SketchUp is imported into EASE as one face without a hole. When importing into EASE the hole itself is converted to a face which is a "coat of" the larger face (convenient for picture on a wall or a window).

In order to properly import the structure into EASE there can not be a hole in the face between the two rooms in the SketchUp model. For our example SketchUp model we need to divide the face with the hole into two separate faces. Neither of these two faces have a hole in them. Together they form the partition between the two rooms with the hole.

When this new SketchUp model is imported into EASE we will have the two rooms connected with the hole.