Import an AutoCAD drawing that contains 3D objects.

If you have a 3D object in AutoCAD, you need to edit the object before saving the drawing to DXF.

1. Select all 3D Solids in your drawing that you want to import.

2. Type the command _MESHOPTIONS.

This opens the “Mesh Tessellation Options” window.

Select “Smooth Mesh Optimized” and uncheck all checkboxes.
Click on OK to convert each 3D Solid to a Mesh using the default options.

If you would like to convert using a higher resolution for a 3D Object then try another Mesh type:

Select “Mostly Quads” for the Mesh type. If your drawing unit is meters, then enter a number of about 0.1 units for the “Mesh distance from original faces”. If your drawing unit is inches, then enter a number of about 3” units for the “Mesh distance from original faces”. Lower values will create more tessellation faces for curved edges. Enter 90° for the Maximum angle between new faces.
When you are satisfied with the resolution, proceed to step 3.

3. Type the command _EXPLODE. Select each Mesh and press ENTER. This converts each Mesh into multiple 3DFaces.

4. Type the command _SAVEAS. Select DXF as the Save Type, type an appropriate name and click on SAVE.

5. Import the DXF file into EASE using the Import-Export window. Check the box for the Option “Collect Scattered Faces”.  

6.  In EASE we get a project which will “Check Data” successfully.